Ready Player One: Review

I have just finished reading Ready Player One, a book that was called, by many reviewers, one of the best books of 2011. I don’t know who these people reviewing it are, but either they didn’t read much in 2011 or they’re total idiots.

Now, that’s not to say that I didn’t like Ready Player One. I thought it was fine. Well-written? No. Good characters? No. But the story? Yeah, it was pretty cool, a new idea. The execution just wasn’t all that great.

There were a ton of times that–in fact more often than not–the author will fill in plot holes 40 pages late because it’s convenient. Or the character has conveniently already gotten all the passwords he needs now. Or he’s set everything up in advance–crucial things–without telling the reader anything, until it’s convenient. And as a writer, that indicates to me that the author didn’t really set anything up in advance, was just figuring things out as he went and didn’t bother to edit in the small details later. And those small details are what make something great.

Then there’s the shallow characters with false character development. And the foreign characters who say thank you in their mother language, even though they speak English fine and have no reason–other than the author’s Orientalist viewpoint–to do so.

The only good part of the book was its original story, which is just kind of addicting because it’s original and suspenseful.

Overall, it’s an okay book. Not well written, but original. I would recommend reading it if there’s nothing better around. But there’s a ton I would recommend reading first.


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