Review: The Nest by Cynthis D’Aprix Sweeney

This book is altogether unremarkable. It is not especially bad, nor especially good. It just exists. And that sucks because I was really looking forward to it.
Maybe it’s because I haven’t yet experienced a mid-life crisis–though I think it’s safe to say my mid-youth crisis (thanks Hozier) is under way.
The book played out as if it was going to bring something to the world and with all the hype around it, you’d have expected it to talk about something more than the fact that some people suck and some brothers and sisters don’t like each other. As if that’s big news. But there’s really not much story to the book. It’s about too much and nothing at the same time, probably the latter being due to the former. The book tries to tell the story of everyone in a family and their acquaintances, but it doesn’t even manage to capture a window into any of those lives. This is evidenced by the rushed tying up of the entire book in the epilogue.
It does, however, manage a narrative throughout the story. If you’re looking for something to do, you’ll tear through this book, intrigued by the snippets of characters you get (who may be well-drawn out under the surface but aren’t thoroughly explored in terms of real, human desire within the novel itself) and you’ll wait for the conclusion but all you get is a sappy happy ending where none of the characters should be satisfied, but are anyway, I guess because of the american dream.
I will admit, this book had something to it, but it wasn’t quite a story. If you disagree, let me know and tell me why! I’d love to hear it.


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