Alan Rickman

You probably know this already, but Alan Rickman died. Severus Snape. I remember feeling shocked when I first heard. He’s only 69. I’ve written about the death of an actor before, for another thing I was working on. It’s always something that brings people together in their grief. I remember when my grandmother died, and […]

Trust Issues Anyone?

I learned the hard way, I think as everyone does, that some people aren’t to be trusted. Maybe I was immature though, when I learned it, or maybe I just learned it late, because people could still sucker me in at 15, and then again at 17, then 19, 20… I’m 22 now. I still […]

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Which I thought for the longest time was Sharp Edges. Like, I was reading it thinking that. I read this book in a few days over the Christmas break. I want to say this first: It was for me. I suppose I identified with it. Try not to guess how. I love crime fiction. That’s sort […]

Onto the Next

Not boyfriend. The title? It’s not about boys. Books. Since books always have to end. I’m not just reading but hopefully starting to plan for the writing of a new piece. I can feel it hovering around my consciousness. I just have to figure out how to jump up and grasp hold of it before […]

Isopropyl Alcohol

I always feel distracted and lost after finishing a good book. I am disconnected from reality, and wildly inspired to create something new and beautiful, like that which is now over. It’s like losing a friend you’ve grown used to spending time with, even if it takes you only a few days to read the […]

Scary Stories

Sometimes the worst stories, about the most horrible things, are the best ones to tell. Or, at any rate, the best ones to listen to. And I’m not just being a cynical and pessimistic bitch. It’s true. The moment my life began to get interesting was the moment I (finally) got diagnosed with anxiety and […]

Fluff Balls on Sleeves

So since what I last wrote yesterday was a hodgepodge (no, I’m only 22, but I’m still using “hodgepodge”) of sappiness and introspection on my part let’s do something more interesting and fun today. I talked about cats and dogs yesterday, but today more interesting pets are on the menu. Not literally. We are not […]